Going Bust - Sean Robinson, Sculptor

Welcome to Going Bust, my name is Sean Robinson and I am a professional Sculptor making bespoke portraits, spoofs and caricatures. My sculptures are unique one offs.

Clients commission my portraits as a way of celebrating the individual personalities of family members, partners, friends or colleagues. I also invent new/fictitious characters as a means of providing focus for an interior, retail outlet, exhibition or event. There is no limit to the possibilities I am more than happy to discuss and develop your ideas or to design a bust specifically for you.

I divide my work into three categories:

Portraits: an accurate representation of the subject which capture the essence of an individual through the use of chosen materials and found objects.

Spoofs: a parody or imitation of a personality achieved by taking well-known or recognisable character traits and making these an integral element of the work.

Caricatures: similar to the above, this involves exaggerating unique characteristics of the subject to create a comic effect.

As you will see from the gallery examples I like to incorporate relevant found objects intrinsic to the individual, for example motor cycle components, cast iron fittings and tin containers. These provide an interesting shape or focal point that connects the work further to the personality of the subject.

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